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EDCI 3120: contexts
for teaching and learning

An integral part of the first year experience is the Freshman Orientation: Service to Leadership course. The course covers information to enhance student understanding of higher education, transitioning from high school to college, and addressing the development of important skills such as critical thinking, writing, test-taking, career exploration, and time management.   Building leadership skills and an appreciation of civic engagement is a core component of the course which is accomplished through service learning activities. 

Course objectives, outcomes, & Standards

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This course (as a whole) supports three areas of Knowledge, Skills, and Disposition (KSD) performance outcomes. They are:

4a1. Exhibits enthusiasm and positive disposition toward the content area and conveys high expectations for success to students.

4a2. Establishes clear classroom standards and expectations for behavior that emphasize self-control, self-discipline, collaboration, and mutual respect among students and teacher.

4a3. Establishes clear classroom standards and expectations for achievement that focus upon content knowledge, engagement in purposeful learning, high academic performance, and ownership of learning.

4b1. Creates a classroom environment that organizes and manages time, space, facilities, and other resources for maximum engagement of students in the context.

4b2. Demonstrates flexibility in restructuring time, space, facilities, and other resources as the situation demands.

Model Professionalism

5c1. Engages in dialogue with students, colleagues, parents, administrators and stakeholders and consistently demonstrates respect, accessibility, and expertise.

5c2. Performs assigned duties in a timely manner with a professional disposition.

5c3. Uses appropriate technology to keep accurate records related to instructional and non-instructional responsibilities.


Classroom Management

Introduction to Teaching, 5th

University Dates


August, 2016
Fall Semester begins


September 2016
Opening Convocation



September, 2016
Holiday - Labor Day


October, 2016
Midterms (until the 8th)


October 2016
Founders Day


October 2016


November, 2016
Last Day to withdraw from course


November, 2016
Registration for Spring 2017 (until Jan. 13)


November, 2016
Fall Break/Thanksgiving Break (until the 25th)


December, 2016
Last Day of Classes


December, 2016
Final Exam (until the 8th)


December, 2016
Fall Commencement




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