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Module One: Changes in a Digital Age

1.1 Introductory Video Message
Create an MailVU video message introducing yourself. This will require you to have access to a computer with a camera and microphone. Send your message to my email account: nkendall@tnstate.edu OR kendallnm@gmail.com You will receive a reply from me, if this task is completed successfully.

1.2 Consumers of Tomorrow

This report by Integreon explores the generational changes in technology use. It offers an understanding on how individuals approach digital usage in terms of attention, design matters, social responsibility, and constant connection. Which generation do you represent? How does this shape how your utilization of technology and the support you can offer others? What was the technology of your generation that was revolutionary for you? Why? Offer of one (1) quote from someone in your generation for the other generations.

1.3 Peer Interview Reflection

Interview three (3) of your fellow classmates to find out how they think technology has affected learning in their academic and professional careers. Classmate interviews should be completed within the first two weeks so everyone has sufficient time to work on their reflection.

On the basis of the interviews and your own views, write a reflection of what you can do to prepare yourself in terms of the needs of your field and its stakeholders. *Make sure you identify which classmates contributed to your submission. [Minimum 3 pages, double-spaced; Ed.D. candidates must have a minimum of 6 pages.]

1.4 Generations Response Paper

Over the past five (5) weeks, you have examined Millennials and the Internet of Things (IoT). Develop a response paper that outlines your thoughts of how today's society can meet the needs of Millennials. Discuss how your profession/industry currently address generational differences and technology applications. [Minimum 5 pages, double-spaced, not including ten (10) citations in APA format. *Ed.D. candidates must have a minimum of 10 pages, not including 20 citations in APA format.]


Congratulations! You have completed the tasks for the Module One. Make sure that you have properly labeled your files, and submitted your assignments by the appropriate deadline.







Howe, N. (2010). Millennials in the Workplace. Life Course Associates, USA. [Chapters 1-5]





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