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it's HOW you teach!"
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MOdule Two:
Digital Tools & focused instruction


2.1 Unit Rationale

As a future educational technology advocate, you will be in a position to use your skills to address workforce trends/issues in your field. Select one (1) workforce challenge that you would like to focus on in depth this semester.

  1. Provide a rationale for the workforce challenge -- what is it based on?
  2. Discuss how mobile social learning could support your profession/industry in resolving the issue.


2.2 Annotated Media Bibliography

First, locate three (3) websites that support your unit, topic, or industry focus. Explain the instructional impact for teaching and learning for each resource --- 3-4 sentences; in addition to the proper APA format of the website. Repeat this task for three (3) videos and three (3) mobile apps for a total of nine (9) resources. *Ed.D. candidates will need to complete a total of fifteen (5) resources -- 5 websites, videos, and mobile apps.

2.3 NearPod Digital Lesson
You will create a digital presentation that supports your unit/unit rationale. This instructional experience your adhere to the NearPod guidelines of education and engagement for your student audience.

2.4 Knovio Recording

  1. Go to Knovio website and Sign Up for Free account. Please note the free account will only allow you to record up to 7 minutes presentation.
  3. Watch the Overview on How to Create a Knovio Presentation  
  5. Upload your NearPod digital presentation in Knovio. Record your teacher narrative for your assigned grade level. Be mindful to pacing, tone, and clarity of skills as you move through your presentation. This IS an evaluation of your practitioner voice and use of academic language. Therefore, make sure you are in a good room with lighting; completing the necessary audio checks for a quality recording.

Submission Instruction: 

  1. Publish your Knovio Presentation. This will allow you to share the link with the instructor.
  2. In the Library screen on Knovio, select a presentation, and then click on the Share link (next to each presentation on Knovio Web, and near the top-right corner of the app on Knovio Mobile). Click Copy, and the link will be on your clipboard, ready to paste anywhere you’d like. Share also gives you other options send your presentation via email and to post your presentation to the site editor


Congratulations! You have completed the tasks for the Module Two. Make sure that you have properly labeled your files, and submitted your assignments by the appropriate deadline.







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