Sign of the Beaver
by Elizabeth George Speare

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The Sign of the Beaver

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Vocabulary for The Sign of the Beaver

chinking pesky mortar & pestle colonist stockade
mite saplings warily despise shabby
salvage treaty rummaging thongs solemn
pewter savage molasses scorn translate

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Comprehension Questions

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Thank you to Mrs. Loretta Grybinas-Goodin for questions!

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Student Projects
Some of the activities you can do with this novel are:

bulletMatt decides to teach Attean to read. The only book that Matt has to offer Attean is Robinson Crusoe, a novel that is entirely too difficult for a beginning reader. Tell how you would go about teaching Attean. Remember that Attean cannot read English at all.


bulletWhat things does Matt learn from Attean that help him to survive?


bulletDo you think Matt could have survived on his own without the help of Attean and his grandfather? Why/Why not?


bulletIn your opinion which boy needs the friendship the most?


bulletMatt lived alone with few possessions in the wilderness. If you were in a survival situation, and could only have ten possessions, what items would you choose? Why would you choose these ten items? Write your list in order beginning with the most important item.


bulletMatt's family had only two books in their home. If you could have only two books, which two would you choose and why?


bulletThere are times in the novel when Matt is quite fearful. Tell about some of these times.


bulletMake Wanted posters for Ben. Use the descriptions of him from the book.

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